The Final Solution Jack the Ripper The Final Solution

Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution

I read this book and found Knight’s work excellent and shortly corresponded with him about this case before his death. He was preparing a following up book with additional research into this theory and it is a sad loss of an excellent writer as well as loss to the body of the Ripper works. One really needs to read his other book The Brotherhood, the Secrets of the World of Freemasonry, to get a full view of where it was moving with this study of the Ripper. Both books really work together, so to get full appreciation, you need to read both works and know the battle Knight had in having them published due to pressure from Masonic corners.

He puts forth a clear vision of what could be the real solution to the Ripper case, and if anyone doubts this sort of cover up – just look at the Watergate case or the Iran Contra Affair of the US. It is hard for people of today to understand the implications Annie Crook could have had at that period in time, so you must read both works to fully understand knights theory – based with extensive research.

I was very saddened to learn of Knight’s death of Cancer, and know we lost a strong voice in understanding what the Ripper murders may have truly been.

If nothing else its a good read5
Facinating theroy, It’ll having you thinking. There are some slightly strangely reached conclusions. I remember when the book first came out the ‘establishment’ were quick to dismiss it as nonsence, which can only make you think there might be something in it. If nothing else this book is an excellent read.

Probably the most plausible that I have read5
The Final Solution has got to be one of the best if not the best Jack The Ripper book I have read, the book had me gripped from start to finish. In my opinion the evidence which is put forward in this book is a lot more plausible than any i’ve seen previously, Stephen’s book is both we’ll researched and well written and gives the reader an incentive to keep on reading.

If nothing else this book is a superb read and a must for anyone who likes a good conspiracy and the theory could well turn out to be “The Final Solution”

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