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And On Piano Nicky Hopkins By Julian Dawson

And On The Piano... ...Nicky Hopkins By Julian Dawson

And On Piano Nicky Hopkins By Julian Dawson

“In a media landscape that focuses almost exclusively on the tiny minority of musicians who make headlines or achieve millionaire status, Nicky’s career path marks him out as an Everyman, representing the thousands of background players whose talents are vital to the successes of others.”

In the forthcoming biography, And On Piano….Nicky Hopkins, Julian Dawson looks back on Nicky’s illustrious 35-year career as a musician, song-writer, singer and producer.

Session pianist Nicky Hopkins appeared with so many artists during his life that a complete discography is probably impossible, but a list of his better-known clients includes The Beatles (both together and individually), The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, David Bowie, Steve Miller, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Donovan, The Jeff Beck Group, Harry Nilsson, Joe Cocker, The Yardbirds, Alexis Korner, Ella Fitzgerald, The Easybeats and the list goes on.


Singer songwriter Julian Dawson boasts a veteran musical career himself having worked with the like of Richard Thompson, Vince Gill, Lucinda Williams, the Roches, Nicky Hopkins and Dan Penn. He has written songs with many of these artists as well as with Rosie Flores, Jules Shear, Willie Nile, Clive Gregson & Dennis Locorriere (Dr. Hook).

In addition to his own work, he has guested with artists from Del Amitri & Glenn Tilbrook to Gerry Rafferty & the Roches. His first production job was for country legend Charlie Louvin’s ‘90s comeback album, ‘The Longest Train’ and he is currently producing tracks with folk-rock legend Beverley Martyn.

Audiences may have seen him at festivals such as Newport (USA), Winnipeg (CA), Cambridge, Glastonbury or Cropredy (UK), on TV’s ‘Rockpalast’ with his own band, on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ with the Richard Thompson Band or on his many tours.
Dawson met Nicky Hopkins in the spring of 1994 and wrote and recorded one song with him before Nicky’s untimely death in Nashville on September 6th that year. He has spent years researching and collecting memorabilia and information about rock music’s greatest pianist and has conducted more than 130 interviews with Nicky’s friends and colleagues.

For more information please contact Impressive PR on 0207 284 3444
Online PR:


Crazy Billionaires Speak By Hodderway Books

Crazy Billionaires Speak By Hoddaway Books
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Crazy Billionaires Speak By Hoddaway Books

I love the book, ‘Crazy Billionaires Speak’, and here’s why: some of my favorite people in the world- Oprah, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and Richard Branson, among others are included in the book.

You are probably an entrepreneur who has spent years upon years trying to build that successful business, but for some reason, things just haven’t worked out as planned.

Have you given up? Don’t…

It is hard to believe that Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul was once faced sqaurely in the face with Bankruptcy- but he did not give up. He dusted himself up, fought back, and got himself back into the game. Today he is one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs and most famous real estate developers.

Donald Trump, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, and other successful entrepreneurs suffered and went through peaks and valleys, and twists and turns to be where they are today.

In a new book titled, Crazy Billionaires Speak, some of the world’s most famous billionaires and tycoons tell you words that motivate your life and inspire your spirits. The book is a collection of quotations from billionaires and they talk on everything from succeeding in business to developing relationships and coping with life. One of the most provoking quotes in the book comes from Real Estate tycoon, Donald Trump. He says, ‘No one will know of your success except you tell them.’ Through a series of quotations, Donald Trump tells stories of his days of poverty and how he succeeded, and the challenges he faces with success.

The book is an engaging read, and would make an excellent companion in your lesiure time, on the bus, subway or airplane. The quotes apparently were carefully selected, and are very, very, thought-provoking. They would make you think about your life, and motivate you to succeed against all the odds.

In the book, several of the world’s most recognizable tycoons of all time motivate you to succeed in all areas of life.

My verdict? Buy the book. You’ll love it.

The book is published by Hodderway Books, and is available on

Party People: How We Make Millions from Having Fun

Party People: How We Make Millions From Having Fun By David Jamilly & Tammy Cohen
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Party People: How We Make Millions From Having Fun By David Jamilly & Tammy Cohen

Putting the ‘fun’ into the fundamentals of entrepreneurship

For millionaire David Jamilly, life’s one big party – literally. Now for the first time, the entrepreneur reveals how he and little sister Kim built up one of the UK’s leading event management companies from scratch.

Party People is the inside story of London-based Theme Traders, which for the last 21 years has been behind some of the capital’s biggest, brightest – and most memorable – parties.

Today, Theme Traders is a multi-million-pound events empire with some of the biggest celebrities and corporate brands on their books. The company has helped orchestrate events for the likes of Virgin, band Iron Maiden and even the Queen, for her 80th birthday.

It’s a far cry from the late 1980s when David and Kim, who both left school aged 15, were  earning a crust by organising children’s parties dressed as a spaceman and red elephant.

With some hastily-found props, inspired ideas and a hell of a lot of hard work, the siblings quickly established their reputation as the premier purveyors of note-perfect parties, whether it be by design or happy accident!

For as David shares in this refreshingly-honest ‘warts-and-all’ read, success comes as much through mistakes and lessons learned, as first-time triumphs. The ability to think on your feet also helps, as one particular anecdote concerning a painted crocodile and an unexpectedly green-coloured swimming pool attests to.

David has a wealth of similar stories to share, along with invaluable hard-earned, practical insider tips on all aspects of party planning, making the book ideal for budding entrepreneurs, aspiring socialites and events management professionals alike.

David said: “Working in the exciting, ever-changing world of parties isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, and I never stop feeling privileged to be part of it.

“Through Theme Traders, Kim and I have learned a fantastic amount about business, parties and ourselves and it’s a real buzz to be able to pass on some of that knowledge in this book.”

A unique mix of autobiography, business guide and events ideas book, Party People will inspire, inform and entertain in equal measure. Easy to read, hard to put down, the incredible story of Theme Traders takes in boom times and hard times, champagne highs and lay-off lows, to show how making your fortune can be great fun in the process.

Party People: How We Make Millions from Having Fun – the Inside Story of Britain’s Biggest Events Empire by David Jamilly and Tammy Cohen (Indepenpress Publications), is available now, priced £8.99. Visit: | Buy From Amazon

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Jamilly co-founded Theme Traders, the renowned London-based party planning and prop hire company, in 1990. Growing up in the ’70s, he became heavily involved in theatre, music and throwing great parties. A philanthropist throughout his life, in 1988 David founded POD – a charity that now holds 2,500 parties a year in children’s hospital wards and hospices throughout the UK. Two years later, he founded Business Theme Traders, which is now a market leader worldwide.  In 2010, David appeared on Channel 4 series Secret Millionaire. Party People is his first book.

Global Warming For Young Minds

Global Warming For Young Minds By Flemming Bermann
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Global Warming For Young Minds By Flemming Bermann

Global Warming for Young Minds is aimed at 6 to ten year old children. Through factual story telling and colourful illustrations, the author elegantly connects children with planet earth – their home. Children will learn about global warming, what it is, and how grownups and children can work together to keep the planet healthy for everyone.

What I like most is the fact that the author makes children care about the natural world around them – without delivering the “we are all doomed” message found in so many other books covering the same topic.

In short, the book is fun and educational, full of wonderful pictures and drawings, and teaches children an important lesson, which we teachers perhaps sometimes forget to put across when delivering the national curriculum.

African Fusion Cooking By Nina Gaskell

African Fusion Cooking By Nina Gaskell
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African Fusion Cooking By Nina Gaskell


African Fusion Cooking takes your taste buds on a voyage of discovery!

They say travel broadens the mind, but in exciting new cook Nina Gaskell’s case, it has widened the palate as well.

Like the culinary equivalent of a magpie, the grandmother-of-three has picked up ideas from around the world, starting in her native Nigeria and taking in the tastes of Asia, the Americas, Europe and the UK – her home for over 40 years.

“My recipes are for everybody who loves the thrill of trying new tastes and flavours. I hope my book will help bring African food into the mainstream, as Chinese and Indian cuisine has gone before it.”
he result is Africa Fusion Cooking – a unique tour for the taste buds that presents a wealth of delicious dishes infused with the distinctive flavours, textures and ingredients of the Africa Nina knows and loves.

Never one to hold back on experimentation, the author has created a mouth-watering array of starters, mains and desserts that give a new spin to well-known meals, incorporating African staple foods such as blackeyed beans, coconut milk, okra and sweet potatoes, as well as egusi seeds and plantain – one of the most versatile fruits around.

Written with Western appetites in mind and ever-mindful of the purse strings, Africa Fusion Cooking presents over 100 flavoursome, colourful and easy-to-follow recipes that will enliven mealtimes and dinner parties without breaking the bank.

Bubbly Nina, from Kent, has an enthusiasm for cooking that is highly infectious. This companionable guide offering friendly advice and tips throughout, along with accompanying full-colour photography, that will have you shouting bon appetit in no time.

African Fusion Cooking by Nina Gaskell (Pen Press), is available now from Amazon UK, and all good book shops, priced £11.99. Visit:

Paperback Pages: 138 pages Price £11.99 Available: Now ISBN-13: 978-1780030074

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in Nigeria, grandmother-of-three Nina Gaskell has lived in the UK since 1963. Africa Fusion Cooking is her first book.

The Father’s Child By Mark Adair

The Father's Child By Mark Adair
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The Father's Child By Mark Adair

Mark Adair’s ‘The Father’s Child’ is a roller coaster, bungee jump, and treasure hunt all rolled into one! The story quickly develops a team of main characters, each of them uniquely talented with very intriguing personalities. You quickly get inside their heads; understand their motivations, desires, quirks and their synergistic dependencies…and BAM! There’s an unexpected event that propels the college companions on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, mystery and high-tech adrenaline.

The story’s main characters, John Truman and Paul Eastman, first meet in the 9th Grade. Coincidence or destiny? They quickly become great friends and end up going to college together. In addition to their academic and nightly pub activities, John and Paul, along with two other close friends, are well known for their wild parties. It’s during one of their `soon to be famous’ mid-western college parties, where something happens that changes all four of their lives forever.

Adair is a master at witty dialogs, artful descriptions and teasing the reader with seeds of fore-shadowing. The story is filled with twists and turns, and fun surprises from beginning to end; a masterful plot that continues to develop all the way to an exciting and unexpected conclusion.

Buckle up, fire up your Kindle, and enjoy the ride!

Prof John Boyages MD PhD

Prof John Boyages MD PHD
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Prof John Boyages MD PHD

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a 52-year old breast cancer oncologist and the founding director of a large breast cancer screening and treatment program, the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, in Sydney, Australia.  Having graduated from Sydney University with a medical degree with honours and one in Radiation Oncology, I enrolled in a PhD, and was invited by Prof Jay Harris, in Boston, to do further study at Harvard University.  As well as my public clinical, teaching and research work, I also advise and treat private patients in a multidisciplinary setting.

I love research and have published over 130 research articles, reports and book chapters. My PhD was about what predicts breast cancer coming back after “breast conservation” (basically treating breast cancer without losing your breast). More recently I have been doing research on “ sentinel nodes”, hormone replacement therapy and plastic surgery.

In 1986 I was awarded a National medical media award for services to the media and the community. I am an adviser on various national and international committees and have a conjoint professorial appointment with the University of Sydney

Give us a synopsis of your book:

In Breast Cancer: Taking Control I walk women with breast cancer and their families slowly through the stress and confusion of a diagnosis, treatment, and life after breast cancer.

This book is the culmination of four years of research, peer and patient review. It’s an easy¬to¬read road-map with 20 key “control points” in chapters which are important decisions which need to be made after diagnosis on the path to survival. It also includes 15 case studies.

The book is broken down into three parts detailing the phases of your cancer treatment: diagnosis, before surgery, and after surgery. Each section has its own colour:

•  Part 1, in red, is the time to “stop” and take stock of the situation
•  Part 2 is in amber, as a lot of “caution” is required before treatment starts
•  Part 3 is in green, which means to “proceed with care.” This section gives you information you need after your surgery and following treatment.

Breast Cancer: Taking Control also includes 75 web links, 20 flow charts,
and a comprehensive index and glossary. Insightful and informative, this book provides
up¬to¬date treatments and is an excellent resource for patients and caregivers.

What inspired you to write/become and author?

I have always wanted to help women (and a few men) ensure they get the right treatment. I treat many women from the poorer areas of the West of Sydney. I also treat many doctors with breast cancer or their wives and give a lot of second opinions particularly when cancer comes back. I get very frustrated when I see patients whose cancer has returned knowing that their original treatment was perhaps less than ideal. I have wanted to write the book for years, but about four years ago a doctor called me to see his wife who had already had some treatment—I felt that their care could have been better. I thought to myself that if a doctor can’t get the right advice what about everyone else. I started writing the book the following weekend.

As an author, what are you plans for the future?

Its pretty scary being an author. I remember when the first copy arrived whilst on my sabbatical in Oxford and the dread seeing a book which was always “virtual” on the computer being a physical reality. It was great after one week getting lots of positive feedback from colleagues who had not reviewed the book before. However, the best feedback has been the lots of positive feedbacks and e-mails I have already received via my web site at from women who said that it was the best book they have read on the subject. I have started writing a second book on a type of breast disease called “DCIS” or ductal carcinoma in situ as this is probably more difficult to treat with lots of varying opinions than invasive breast cancer.

I am currently on a teaching sabbatical at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon and the Churchill Hospital in Oxford and plan to return to Australia in early December.

Author Dave Concannon

Author Dave Concannon

Author Dave Concannon

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I served for 22 years as a fitness instructor in the Royal Navy on various ships, including aircraft carriers and shore bases.  Since 2005 I have run my own fitness business working with various clients of all abilities and ages. Most need new ideas to inspire them and keep exercise interesting and fun, some have more specific goals to aim for such as half marathons and sport specific goals. As well as organising outdoor fitness classes I also do volunteer work in care homes for the elderly to try and encourage them to stay active.

Give us a synopsis of your book:

I would like the reader to realise that they can exercise and remain self motivated if they just follow a simple plan. For the non-exerciser there is so much information available it is difficult to know where to start. It is easy to get overwhelmed and become de-motivated. I’m a simple bloke, and all the stuff I do with my clients is simple, easy to follow but effective. The book will help the reader design their own routine with the emphasis on enjoyment and consistency. It is designed to motivate the reader to exercise for life, but have some fun and balance with it too.
I have tried to include a few humorous stories and examples of my mistakes so hopefully the readers can relate to it in a realistic way.

What inspired you to write/become and author?

I have always enjoyed motivating others with regards to exercise and find it very satisfying, but there are only so many people I can physically see in a day. Writing a book seemed a good way of reaching others to get my thoughts and ideas across. I wanted people to realise that exercise is do-able for anyone and everyone. Many people I meet could find a way to make exercise work with a few simple pointers, writing a book just seemed an obvious choice.

As an author, what are you plans for the future?

I don’t yet consider myself an author until my book is on the shelves. So my plans for the future are to get the damn thing published! When it’s in the book shops I will open a big bottle of champagne and start my second book the next day with a headache.

Author Jean-Francois Rodriques

Author Jean-Francois Rodriques

Author Jean-Francois Rodriques

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Since a young age, my passion has always been to write, write and write some more. After having spent most of my working life switching from one job to another, I decided to make a life changing decision and go to university as a mature student and build a career as a writer.

Previously, my jobs consisted of being either a Pastry Chef or Engineer, so I was surprised when following university I managed to secure a number of articles in a national weekly newspaper. From then on I spent my time honing my journalistic skills at a major national daily broadsheet newspaper and major magazine publishing house.

I later went on to work for Mens Fitness Magazine and then two leading industry magazines entitled Print and Publishing. In addition, I spent a number of years writing for numerous other publications as a freelance journalist, until that is, the economic downturn stepped in and closed the publication I worked at. I continue to work in communications, but have never as yet had the courage to step up and make the commitment write a book; well that was until now.

Give us a synopsis of your book:

This charming, gently humorous novella follows the life of Sam, Anna and Leo Baxter. Sam finds himself in an unthinkable position where he’s forced to swap roles with his wife and bring up their baby son.

Deep down Sam knows the swap is for the best, but his reservations at becoming a stay-at home father are valid; he must, after, all, pit his wits against a “nappy-wearing demon”.
The Reluctant Mr Mum is a heart-warming story based on the experiences of author Jean-Francois Rodrigues. His trials and tribulations in bringing up his own baby will chime with parents everywhere, and prepare parents-to-be for what lies ahead.

What inspired you to write/become and author?

I’ve always had a passion for writing. However, after working for many years as a pastry chef and subsequently a Service Engineer, I felt completely dissatisfied with the direction my career was going and was even more concerned by the prospect of never having the time to do the thing I loved the most and that is to write. Not wanting to spend the next 30 years being unhappy, I with the support of my wife embarked on a life changing decision and go back into full-time education and retrain to become a journalist.

As an author, what are you plans for the future?

My plan is simple; however, achieving it not so simple. All I want to do is build a long lasting career as a successful author, continue write and thereby default hopefully love my work. It’s not often that you have the opportunity to build a career around what you loves most, and in this instance, I have been fortunate enough to at least been given opportunity to try.

My aim is to write fiction that intrigues, and keeps the reader on their toes and guessing right to the very last page, while at the same time never taking them for granted with self indulgent writing. I will always try ad consider my readership, as that’s one lesson I’ve learnt from being a journalist. My answer, may seem short and to the point, but that sometimes what being a writer is all about.